Anthony Francia

Anthony Francia
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To minister to, preach to and mentor other people for the glory of God!

Ministry Journey

Anthony Francia lives in New Mexico. He got a late start in life. He grew up with parents that took us to church, but when he went to Junior high school he started to hang with the wrong crowd. He started to smoke cigarettes and drink beer. Little did he know that his life would spiral out of control. But God turned his bad life into a testimony to others.

Anthony's original sentence was 37 years in the penitentiary and was going to plead 12 years but God had a different plan. He entered into the drug court program and was on probation for 1.5 years. He spent 6 months in jail where he received Jesus in his life and God changed him.

Now Anthony is preaching the gospel at a nursing home where he spends Saturdays with wonderful people and helping homeless people some with drug addictions. He wants to learn all he can about Jesus. He can do this on my own and with the church with the Holy Spirit leading. He accepted an Associate Pastor’s position at Soul Harvest Ministries in Albuquerque New Mexico and God is working through him. He thanks Christian Leaders Institute for helping him continue to learn about Jesus and ministry!

He got ordained as a Deacon Minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2018.

ZIP Code
New Mexico
North America


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