John Mutapa

John Mutapa
First Name
John Mutapa
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To raise up revival leaders!

Ministry Journey

John Mutapa lives in Lusaka, Zambia.  He is married, and God has blessed him with three lovely children. John is also a practicing Assistant Pastor at his local church. John became born again in 2002 after an evangelizing team from the USA visited his country. The team led John through the steps of salvation. This resulted in him accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of his soul when he got baptized.


In 2016 John began his studies at CLI. Since then John has completed 163 credit hours and has received an associate of Divinity degree.


The  CLI  training program will equip him with vast knowledge for evangelizing to the world, his country, city and the community John lives in. John will be able to spread and teach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the less privileged but also called by God. Through this, the great commission of Jesus Christ of having the gospel preached to the whole corners of the world will be attained.

  • John Mutapa


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