Itai Zinzombe

Itai Zinzombe
First Name
Itai Zinzombe
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To raise up revival leaders!

Ministry Journey

Itai Zinzombe is married to Robert Zinzombe. They have been married 27 years. She is now a mother and a grandmother. Itai lives in Zimbabwe, a nation that has a large Christian community. Itai works with the government of Zimbabwe as Acting Directing in the Corporate Governance Unit.

Itai was born again when she was fourteen. Since then she has been working in the church of God in different capacities. Right now she is working with the International Revival International Ministries (ARIM) headed by Apostle Farai Mboti. The Ministry in a new planting and is three years Before she came to ARIM she was with the ZAOGA Forward in Faith International Ministries where Itai converted. Now she has followed Jesus for more than twenty years.

Itai enrolled at CLI in 2017. Since then she has completed 8 credit hours and is ordained as a deacon minister.

Itai is more than willing to serve and assist students who are studying at CLI.



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