Get Clergy Recognition

Are you a Christian who seeks Christian clergy training? You may have seen the websites that promise instant ordination, but you wondered if that “short cut” was best for you. You are curious and want to explore and study your calling and the use of your gifts. Christian Leaders Alliance has a clergy recognition process using free classes at the Christian Leaders Institute where you can either “put your toe in the water” or just dive in!

Take a look at the Christian Clergy Recognition Program with Christian Leaders Alliance. With this program, you get free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. 

You study through courses that introduce you to many clergy recognition options.

Meet Bredet Williams

Thousands of Christian leaders have completed the Clergy Program to get clergy recognition with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Bredet shares his testimony of going through the program.

Greetings, my name is Bredet Williams. I was born into a US Military family and have traveled the world. I started my young adult life in service to my nation by joining the military where I served during wartime.

At the age of 24, I joined the DC Police Department and have served over 20 years; Get Clergy Recognitionachieving the rank of Lieutenant. Now, I am taking the next steps in my walk with God by joining into His service in the cloth.

My path has been one of many struggles, and I have been witness to many suffering people, children, discarded members of society and frequent death. I am thankful to God for allowing me to experience all of the tragedy and joy so that it would one day prepare me for his next challenge for me. I am taking my ‘next step’ and I am no longer avoiding my calling to serve God as one of his faithful servants in the cloth.

I am passionate about my next steps and it has been a great privilege to serve God during other’s times of need in my role of soldier and police officer. I am filled with joy that the truth behind it has been revealed to me. As I take my next steps in my calling to ministry, I am filled with joy in the knowledge that the Christian Leaders Alliance has given me the training through Christian Leaders Institute and exceptional leadership skills to continue to move forward in my walk with God.

Take your next steps in your call to ministry with the Christian Leaders Alliance Clergy Program offering free ministry training and clergy recognition.