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Chaplain Minister

Kenny Sallee
Address: 107 Knapp Ave, Oconto, Wisconsin 54153
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To provide pastoral care, as a Community Chaplain, to those outside the church and by ultimately starting a Christian faith mentoring and counseling center to the unchurched.
Ministry Journey:

Kenny is married and lives in Oconto, Wisconsin, a small community north of Green Bay. He is known in the area where he lives as Cap’n Kenny. Together, he and his wife, Nancy, operate a small charter/tour boat company on the Great Lakes during the summer months and travel south during the winter months. Kenny, with his wife, worships in a small ELCA Lutheran church in Marinette, Wisconsin.

As a child, Kenny grew up in California and was raised in the Baptist traditions, although his family seldom attended church. His father worked in the construction trade, after he left the military, and they traveled to wherever his father could find work. Kenny attended 14 different schools before graduating from high school. After high school, he enlisted into the US Army and was sent to fight in Vietnam shortly afterwards. He continued his military career after Vietnam serving in the Continental United States and Pacific regions until he retired after 23 years of service. After the military, Kenny worked as an electronics technician for the Federal Aviation Administration, as an aircraft electrician for the US Air Force, and as a cross country truck driver for a national carrier. Kenny is now a Licensed Officer with the US Merchant Marines as a Ship’s Master (Captain).

Kenny’s current ministry is Chaplain for the military veteran service organizations in Oconto where he lives. He also volunteers as a Visitation Minister with a hospice organization in Northeast Wisconsin. As a visitation minister, he does what is called “companion sitting” with the patient, whereas he spends time with the patient providing companionship to the patient and their families. Kenny also maintains an online ministry website where he shares the love of Christ Jesus worldwide through daily devotions and lectionary scripture readings.

Kenny started studying with CLI in 2015. He is ordained as an Associate Chaplain Minister and continues his studies with CLI , with over 100 credit hours, working towards a Bachelor of Divinity with a Chaplaincy Emphasis. His ultimate goal is to earn a Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership degree at Calvin Theological Seminary.

Kenny is willing to mentor new CLI students and graduates. He will also assist them in the ordination process with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Website Address: Website Address
Phone Number: (920) 834-2243
Maurice Ochieng
Address: Kenya
First Name: Maurice Adum
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Rasing up revival leaders!
Ministry Journey:

Maurice started CLI in 2013 and since then has completed 99 credit hours with a diploma of divinity


I was born in a polygamous family of a father and mother who was all from Roman Catholic background, forty-nine years ago.

After the death of my mother, I and my Elder brother moved from our home to the aunt’s place who was a widow but was a committed Christian who had given her life to Christ as Lord and savior of her life.

She tried to introduce us to Christianity but wasn’t that committed.

As I got into my teens, I started experiencing a deeper urge and desire for sex, alcoholism, and smoking. I felt like I was being left out by not living like the rest of my other friends were doing and this created in me a sense of withdrawal and separation what almost led to rejection. Later on, I found myself moving from one woman to another seeking to find satisfaction, rest and peace but with no success.

The urge for sex grew in me stronger day by day to the extent that it even affected the results of my secondary school grades. I didn’t get the grades to qualify for the university. This left me injured at heart

The more I practiced this lifestyle, the more restless I became, this went on to the extent that keeping faithfulness to only one woman

became a problem.

December 1990 is the year I saw the light. It was one evening after struggling the whole day with anxiety, restlessness and a sense of emptiness when I decided to walk out of the house to a nearby shopping center, a place where one local pastor had organized an open-air bible meeting.

As I listened to the message by the visiting preacher, I kept growing in conviction, as he went on it dawned on me that he was speaking to me. I could not wait for the invitation to receive Christ, just walked in front and asked the pastor to pray for me to receive Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

Receiving Christ as my lord and savior was and has been a decision one in a lifetime that I cannot regret ever making in my life. I got peace, rest and satisfaction in life. He blessed me three years later with a beautiful God fearing wife, Winnie, and later four children who continue to be a blessing to my life.

Three years later, I got a call to be more involved in the ministry, and by his grace was able to help with his servant in various ministry capacities; ranging from interpretation, eldership and as a deacon

serving with pastors in a medium sized congregation here in Nairobi.

Five years later the Lord called me into full-time ministry in which he led me to found a ministry; Christian restoration ministries of Mt. Calvary, where we train and raise leaders as well as church planting, a mandate we still undertake to date.

Website Address: Maurice's profile
Phone Number: 254722601396