Deacon Minister Ordination

The class goes through the materials needed to become an ordained minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

To become an ordained Christian leader, you must:

Have a GPA of 2.0 at the Christian Leaders Institute. You must have:
1. Completed the Christian Leaders Connection Class (3 Credits) and the Christian Basics Class (3 Credits)
2. Received three local requested endorsements
3. Completed this Deacon Minister Class and ordered physical credentials. *You are often not considered officially ordained unless you have the physical credentials.

The official physical credentials have different administration fees. In developed nations, the administration fees are between $50-$125 depending on what you need or want. The official digital credentials are free if you complete this course. You can always purchase the physical credentials at a later time.

Deacon Minister – The Seed For All Ordinated Ministry Roles with the Christian Leaders Alliance
This ordination is the credentialing process for local ordination. Completion of all the steps in this class guides you through becoming ordained as a local minister.

Then you may specialize in a ministry role by taking more classes in specialized areas. CLI will add more and more specialties in the future. Your credentials are established by completing this class and purchasing your official credentials. We will not require you to renew your credentials. If local complaints about your doctrine or life are expressed to us, we will investigate the complaint. You may be removed from the ordination directory.

Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination

The Minister Ordination Credential Class lays the foundation for all the minister ordinations at Christian Leaders Alliance. In this class:

  • You will learn the essential nature of ordination that applies to all minister ordinations through CLI.
  • You will explore whether you are ready to hold the office of Deacon Minister.
  • You will learn the skills necessary for all ordained ministers. You will be trained in how to do baptisms and to conduct the Lord’s Supper.
  • You will get your three endorsements that testify that you are one who walks with God, are called to ministry and are ready to be ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance.
  • You will establish your ordination credential profile and write and submit your ordination ministry story.
  • You will be officially listed as ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.
  • You will be guided through a prayer process where you will be ordained locally or by a Christian Leaders Alliance representative. If a Christian Leaders representative participates, the ordination candidate must adhere to the 1 Timothy 3 guidelines.

Here is the link to the class: