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Chaplain Minister

Dee Taylor
Address: 30067
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Dee is called to serve those in need of God’s grace and to raise up Christian Leaders bring revival to our land.

Ministry Journey:

Davenia “Dee” Taylor has been married for for over 26 years to Mr. Robert Taylor. The have with three daughters, one son and eight grandchildren.

Her family (Mother & Father) moved to Atlanta in 1980. Her family moved from Chicago to Atlanta due to my father being sick with breathing and lungs problems, the Lord granted my father 34 more years of life.

Dee’s mother was the first person to receive salvation in the family. Her mother held her own revival services including Dee, brother, and a friend. Dee got save one day while looking at the PTL club. Dee was 17 years old. Though her mother prayed that she would receive the Holy Spirit, Dee struggled having one foot in Christ and the other in the world.

In the course of time, while being a mother, God saved her to live a life worthy of a calling to ministry. God freed her from the use of drugs and her calling for ministry was born in 1991.

Dee found Christian Leaders Institute in 2011, the experience and teaching she received has been a great blessing in her ministry and her life. The Lord put on her heart to become a chaplain. She is passionate about raising up Christian leaders.

Samuel Odafi Echiemunor
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

His ministry dream is to help people to know the true way to salvation and the kingdom of God.

Ministry Journey:

Samuel was born in Delta State of Nigeria in the year 1970 to the family of Edward Echiemunor. He gave his life to Jesus in the year 1985 on a crusade ground in his hometown. The Lord saved him from idol worship.

He began studies at Christian Leaders Institute in 2016 and has graduated with over 100 credits of ministry training.
He has been ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance. He will help mentor others and guide them through the ordination process.

Clayton Moore
Address: 90278
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Reach his community for Christ, especially those who are not connected to any church

Ministry Journey:

Clayton Moore has been married for over 30 years. He and his wife have five children. Now they have grandchildren too.

Clayton Moore was raised in a local Lutheran Church. In adulthood, He and his family left the church scene, but God did not leave him and his family. In 2009, he lost his job after his company merged with another one. This event changed his schedule and he started to renew his connections to Christ.

The Holy Spirit began to convict him to reconnect with God. He began to study the Bible. Clayton sensed the call to reach others including his family.

This led Clayton to begin studying at Christian Leaders Institute in 2016. He is close to completing his Bachelor Degree. He has been ordained.

Clayton is willing to mentor any Christian Leaders Institute student or graduate in their journey of ministry training or ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Bernd Armbruster
Address: 81539
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To spread revival to Europe

Ministry Journey:

Bernd Armbruster is married to Ryoko from Japan since 2006, They have three amazing children: Anna, Noah, and Abigail.

Bernd grew up thinking Christianity was outdated and he decided to turn his back on the Church. He also disliked Christians.

After graduating from University in 2004, He went to China for what he thought would be an extended holiday. Little did he know that God was waiting for him there. In Shanghai, He met people who were madly in love with Jesus. They attended Shanghai Community Fellowship (SCF). They made Jesus so attractive to him that he became a Christian and ended up staying in Shanghai for 12 years. This is were he met his wife.

Bernd served the Lord at Shanghai Community Fellowship for five years. They saw the dynamic work of God! Bernd knew, however, that that time at this church was preparation for a long-term calling.

God called them to Germany, to start and pastor a new church. (Aletheia International Church Munich (AIC), www.aicmunich.org).

Bernd began Christian Leaders Institute in 2015. He was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2017.

He will willing and ready to mentor Christian Leaders Institute students or graduates and help them get ordained for ministry in Germany or Europe.

David Hiscock
Address: 4355
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To finishing his life raising up leaders for grace-filled revival!

Ministry Journey:

David Hiscock is married and has children and grandchildren. His is over 75 years old and serve in local prison ministry as well as starting a local Bible study at a vacated Church building.

His story of how He came to grace is exciting and inspiring. Click his profile to read.

David was called into ministry after his retirement. He began CLI in 2014. He was ordained as a commissioned pastor in 2016. He is willing and ready to mentor others in their ministry training journey or in becoming ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Marc Bernard Gresset
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To raise up more revival leaders in Thailand and the world

Ministry Journey:

Marc is married, and he and his wife have five grown children.

Marc Bernard Gresset was born in Paris and grew up without religious education. As a young man, he was more or less an atheist. He began asking questions. He search took him through reading many books and experimenting with alcohol and drugs.

At a point of desperation, even contemplating suicide, a “revelation” was given to him to find a “meaning.” He found that meaning in Christ!

He soon was called into ministry. He left France to do mission work in Indonesia. His mission work in Asia has continued for over 35 years. He is now serving in Thailand.

Marc began Christian Leaders Institute in 2016 and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Divinity. He was ordained as a Chaplain minister. He is willing to mentor people in Asia. Contact him by email.

Tracie Steadman
Address: 30032
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To raise up more Christian Leaders for Ministry in the Greater Atlanta area

Ministry Journey:

Tracie Steadman is originally from Sacramento, California. She have lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 30 years. She am married to John Steadman Jr. We have five children and nine grand children.

Here walk with God was inspired at a young age by the widow of Rev. Walter Johnson. Read her profile to hear her inspiring story. As life went forward and her walked strengthened she sensed the calling into ministry. She experienced a stoke, that prompted her to get even closer to the Lord.

She started Christian Leaders institute in 2017 and was ordained in the Associate Chaplain role in 2018. She is willing to mentor others in their ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute and help them become ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Donna Fields
Address: 29405
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To mentor and raise up more Christian Leaders in South Carolina

Ministry Journey:

Donna Fields is married to her wonderful husband Tim for 3 years. She was born and raised in North Carolina, but I currently live in Charleston, SC.

Donna grew up in an (A.M.E) Church,, African American Episcopal. She was baptized as a baby and again as a teenager. As a youth growing up in the Church, she ushered, sung on the choir, participated in church events as much as possible. She came to know the Lord by attending Church, Sunday school, bible study, noonday prayer, as well as vacation bible school.

Recently she has sensed the calling to ministry. The Lord has raise up excellent mentor for her who have assisted her in her ministry training journey at Christian Leaders Institute.

Donna started CLI in 2016 and has completed over 100 credits of training. She was ordained in 2016 as well. She is willing to mentor new CLI students and graduates. She will also assist them in the ordination process with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Delois Wilkerson
Address: 27597
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To reach more leaders and raise them up for Christ!

Ministry Journey:

Delois Wilkerson has a daughter and two grandsons. Her relationship with God began at an early age. In her teens and through her adulthood her life felt out of control. In 2014, She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior. She began an in-home Ministry with her grandsons. They read and study the Bible. They also have started Bible Workshop, bringing the word of God through performances such as Spirit Dancing and Expressive Reading.

Delois began Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and was ordained in 2018. She is willing to mentor other in their training and ordination.

Tony B. Bennett
Address: 02471
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To serve as an ordained Chaplain, guide and mentor future leaders and mend broken homes (families/relationships). Establish and plant a Congregation and minister training center.

Ministry Journey:

Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu (Blessed The LORD Elohim) the Pesach (Pass Over) Lamb of Elohim 

An alum of Christian Leaders College; received my Bachelors in Chaplaincy, Chaplain Ordination…and with His help over 80 awards. I’ve enjoyed my ministry educational journey at both CLI and CLC. 

Have been walking in Yeshua (Jesus) since 2004; as a child during my elementary school years my mother began to bring my brother’s and I to church but I left “the church” and everything about it shortly after I was baptized around the age of 12. I answered my calling and election at the age of 23 outside the 4 walls of “the church” and have been walking purposefully in Yeshua and engaging a strong relationship with the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit); there is nothing more precious than His word. It has been a beautiful collision this journey. 

Since my restoration in His kingdom in 2004 He has ushered me through Parental Alienation; through church abandonment; through family abandonment; through sickness and illness; through poverty; through false reports; through joblessness; through a list of tsuris (troubles) it has been without a doubt a beautiful collision; a chaotic but blessed life and I wouldn’t trade it all. Now though I’ve suffered much I have also been blessed with much i.e. I’ve been blessed with four precious children; in 2009 I received a 2008 Impala with only 27,000 miles and no car note (payment); have helped many through their own personal and family struggles; etc. Again it’s been a chaotic but blessed life and I would not trade it at all. 

As a Bachelors in Chaplaincy recipient at CLC and an Ordained Chaplain Minister and an Ordained Life Coach Minister through CLA I look forward to helping students through their ministry education journey and their calling and election by His wonderful Hand and Spirit as well as contributing in the quality growth of CLI/CLC. 

I truly value and appreciate the 89 awards I’ve been grateful to achieve through CLI/CLC and will apply it along the training, education, and certifications/licenses I’ve received outside of ministry.