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    Harley Adue
    First Name
    Harley Adue
    Last Name
    Ministry Journey

    I am Harley Adue, born into a family of 8, and married to Success. I and Success currently live in the active heart of Port Harcourt city, Rivers State, in the South-Southern part of Nigeria, West Africa.

    My Nativity

    Long ago in a community called Koroma Tai, somewhere in the innermost part of Rivers State, a twin, boy, and girl were born into a family around Koroma Town Square 1, in the late  Mr. Theophilus Adue's home. My mother gave birth to 8 children but my twin Peace Adue is late. She has gone to rest with the Lord. Mrs. Victoria  Adue is a dedicated Christian and she is an Elder in Greater Evangelism World Crusade Church (GEWC). When the community of Koroma was held in bondage, in the hand of the god of Harvest, she was the one God used to break down the power of the god of Harvest called Gué (pronounced in Ogoni language as 'gueh'), and till this day, there is no more worship of Gué in my community. And I do believe that her Christian lifestyle influenced me, during my childhood years.

    My Calling To Ministry (Numbers 12:6)

    Though I grew up in a Christian home, when I became a teenager,  I struggled to walk with God. I was carried away with the pleasures of life, but along the line, God used a young man called Jerry to bring me back on track. Who told me in late 2012 or early 2013, "I saw you preach in my dream… you are an evangelist."

    In 2016, it became clearer, after some men of God in a church somewhere in Borokiri Town prophesied to me that "I am a great man of God!" but I didn't take their words seriously because I was brought up in GEWC,  where most members don't believe in such pastors who prophecies "God says... Or God asks me to tell you this or that."  Their reason is that most of them are uttering fake prophecies. But after that prophecy, and days passed, I had a vision. The dream scene was in a beautiful wood-designed church and I was on the pulpit, and I heard a voice commentating "I called you to start your own ministry." When I woke up; I wept bitterly because I never wanted to become a pastor.

    God's direct vision came in 2017 via a night dream where I saw a mighty hand in the sky pointing to my right side and said in a loud thick voice "It is in your hand." When I woke up with the power of the Holy Spirit I knew it was the Eastern part of Nigeria where God wanted me to begin my ministry because I have been praying to God for direction.

    Again on the 4th of November 2018, at exactly 11:15 am, I was baptized in the fire of the Holy Spirit via the Faith On Fire program on Faith TV station by Dr. Andrea of South Africa. In an utterance and out of my mouth after echoing the heavenly language, the Holy Spirit ministered "I am the Lord thy God, I called you to serve me." From that day, I never doubted my calling!

    I am Blessed With CLI

    After all the doubt and all the confirmations, I concluded that I must search for a Bible school, not just any bible school, but one that will take me to where God wants me to be. That was how I found Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) via Google search.In CLI God opened my eyes to my actual calling and purpose in ministry. I do know that God is not done with me yet at CLI and CLC. The pool of Bethesda scholarship that is granted to me is one of the best things that has ever happened to me in the course of my calling because after writing the Appeal letter then I prayed to God "If truly you called me to serve you then let your will be done."

    I have gotten so many awards in CLI, including Apprentice Bible Interpretation and I do believe that Christian Leaders got my back all through the way.

    I finally became a College student on the 7th of December 2021, pursuing an Associate degree in Divinity without paying a cent. The pool of Bethesda Scholarship was like a dream but it has become the reality that I now live-- a dream come true!

    Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

    Then on the 2nd of May, 2022, I became a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant. This is proof of what God told me when I was scared to accept His calling; I think it was around 2017-2018, when these beautiful words of encouragement came to me, from the book of Isaiah 41:10, "Do not be afraid—I am with you! I am your God—let nothing terrify you! I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you" (GNT). Today, I am getting confident in ministry as I walk through the courses in CLI, CLC, and CLA. Praise be to God!

    My Ordination with Christian leaders Alliance

    I am super excited to be ordained as a fellow Deacon Minister [a servant] in the Kingdom of God at Christian leaders Alliance. This ordination has helped boost my confidence in ministry because I was very nervous when God called me to serve Him. The free ordination courses for the Deacon Minister were powerful, and it has taught me to be more submissive to Christ and man. I  need prayers from fellow Christian leaders as I press on through the challenges in ministry. Also, God should make me stronger as He has promised in Isaiah 41:10; so, I look forward to pressing on to where He has sent me.