Edward Ayub

Edward Ayub
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Edward Ayub
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Edward Ayub is a commissioned minister enrolled at CLI in 2013 and has completed 48 credit hours.

Read His Testimony Here:

I was born in 1973,  I accepted Christ as my savior in the year 1990 after I was involved in drugs for some 3 years. This happened by watching Jesus' film.

I am the 2nd in a family of 14 Siblings. 8 from Mother's side and 6 from Father's side but I grew up under the care of my grandmother who tried really hard to train me in the ways of Christ. Over the years I have learned to depend on Jesus in everything that I do for God never fails. He is the only sure way for me and Him alone owns my life. I keep my focus on Him regardless of many adversaries that have come or may come my way.
Calling to Ministry.

After I received Jesus as the savior of my life in 1990, I was disciplined by Christian Union Leaders in the School. This is the time I had begun to experience a very strong desire to share the word of God with others. I joined a team of students who were ministering to Sunday School Children on Sundays. Later on, the elders in my Local Church identified teaching and preaching gifts in me and I was recruited as a lay preacher in the Methodist Church of Kenya. Afterward, I did some basic training and was accredited as a lay preacher in 1998.

Ever since I have been preaching and teaching the word of God and I have witnessed many people come to faith. I always have had a desire to preach and raise up people in the faith as a servant leader. To be honest, I cannot help but preach the good news of the Kingdom of God. This gives me a satisfaction that brings me unexplainable joy.



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