Kate Batten
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

Kate spiritual dream is to help those that the world forgets about, the people who are lost in a vicious circle of offending crimes and those who have suffered from abuse.

Ministry Journey

Kate could have easily been crushed by her childhood. At the age of two, her parents divorced. Her mother married poorly twice in her childhood. She was a victim of sexual abuse and had little respect for herself. She entered into destructive relationships that would lead to her drinking and taking drugs to blot out her reality and escape the pain and shame she was feeling from the past childhood experiences. By age 19, she was a single mom with two children.

God showed up in her life as she began to help domestic violence victims, sex trafficking victims and people with a whole host of fears from writing their own books to rising their self-awareness.

After having so many success stories, Kate invited people to share their stories in a published book and launched it out to the world. The book became a #1 international bestseller and 17 more books followed by co-authoring and solo authoring my her own books.

In 2017, Kate found Christian Leaders Institute and began classes. She has been ordained as a deacon minister. She is called to mentor others on a ministry path.

ZIP Code
YO16 7QP


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