David Hill
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

David Hill Evangelical Pastor in a resistant area for the gospel. He preaches the word and I try to guide those deceived by satan.

Ministry Journey

David was raised in a small mining village where his parents divorced when he was 8 years old. As a regular attendee at church, he became a Christian.

David was moved into local authority care at the age of 14 after suffering from child abuse, something which the Lord guided him to overcome.

However, He lapsed many times, drinking and taking drugs at 17/18 and even a couple of attempted suicides at 19. Through these times, David turned from God, but God neve left him.

As David grew older, his relationship with the Lord has grown stronger. He is married to Julie who supports him. He has a passion to reach those stuck in cults, dead Christianity, and non-christians.

David started Christian Leaders Institute in 2013 and has has received his Bachelor of Divinity Degree. He is willing to mentor Christian Leaders students and graduates and help them through the ordination process.

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BD13 4NG


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