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Deacon Ministers

Pacifico Mapanao
2185 Red Setter Rd
Rocklin, California 95765
To raise up revival leaders

Pacifico was saved on August 7, 1983. He is married to a God-given lovely wife and we have two beautiful sons.

Pacifico has served as an Elder of the church since 2009. His family is part of a church planting team.

Just recently, Pacifico has sensed the strong call to ministry He started Christian Leaders Institute in 2018 and was also ordained in 2018. He is willing and ready to assist others through the ministry training journey and ordination.

Pacifico Mapanao Profile
Douglas Drake
Santee, California 92071
To minister to others and raise up revival leaders

Douglas Drake lives in San Diego, California. He and his wife Brenda celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in March of 2017. They have two children, a son and a daughter, and two granddaughters. He retired from active duty in the U.S. Navy in 1999 and currently works as an Information Technology Support Manager for a global law firm.

His calling came early in his Navy career, around 1981, while he was in Seattle, Washington. Fifteen years later he surrendered his life to Christ and began his Christian walk.

Douglas found Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. He has excelled in his studies and was ordained in 2018 with the Christian Leaders Alliance. He is willing to mentor and help others on their ministry journey.

Douglas Drake Profile
Brody Goodson
15116 Capitol Hill Rd
Montgomery, Texas 77316
To help others get into a vital walk with Christ.

Brody Goodson lives in Montgomery, Texas. He is married to Michelle. They have been blessed with 3 children. Brody has been in the medical field for 17 years specializing in Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine.

His journey with Christ started in 2009 when He felt God calling him to attend a local church. He started walking close with God and Christ became the Savior and Lord of his life on a daily basis.

Brody started Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. He has been ordained in 2018. He is willing to mentor local Christian Leaders Institute students through their journey at CLI and toward ordination through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Brody Goodson Profile
Rutherford Gordon
Lot 517, Lilliput
Montego Bay, St James, 000
To bring revival to Jamaica!

Rutherford Gordon was born on the beautiful Island of Jamaica. His grandparents were instrumental in introducing him to the faith!

On finishing school, He entered the job market where I worked with the government until his early retirement in 2012. In the work world, He was exposed to all the ungodly stuff but all through this he still remembered my grandmother’s teachings about God and visited church sometimes.

He then married my wife Valda and are the proud parents of three sons. She started to visit a church and subsequently became a member. After his retirement, Rutherford started visiting until he started to attend regularly. He gave his life to the Lord and was baptized in September 2016.

He started Christian Leaders Institute in 2016. He was ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2017. He is willing to mentor and help ordain leaders in Jamaica.

Rutherford Gordon Profile
Firtz Oketch
Kisumu, 44100
To bring development and revival to Kenya.

Firtz Oketch is married to his wife, Jackie. She has been instrumental in his pursuit of ministry training and seeking opportunities to spread the ministry. Firtz is 41 years old. He is a lecturer and a businessman. He loves bi-vocational ministry.

God has blessed Firtz and Jacky with a daughter named Stacy (not their biological daughter), but they take care of her and consider her as their first born.

Previously he worked in a bank before He went into a private business, which did not do well. He has faced setbacks but is now seeing growth and sustainability.

His ministry targets business, community, young couples and those who have lost hope due to wrong decisions in their life. He enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance that same year.

He is willing to mentor others in their journey toward by-vocational ministry and ordination.

Firtz Oketch Profile
254 702756006
Edward Kimathi Ayub
Mombasa, 80100
Bring revival to his community and Africa. He and his wife have a profound passion to spread God’s love!

Edward Kimathi Ayub is the founder of Alpha Worship Charity Church (AWCC) which was launched on 13th May 2018. He also co-founded the Impact Training and Counseling Centre in 2009 with his wife Felicity. They live in Mombasa, a predominantly Muslim city on the Kenyan Coast in East Africa.

Edward was born in 1973. He accepted Christ as his savior in the year 1990 after being involved in drugs for some three years. His conversion happened through watching the Jesus’ film.

After he received Jesus as the savior of his life in 1990, Edward was discipled by Christian Union Leaders in the School where he was studying in high school. He began to experience a very strong desire to share the word of God with others. He went through some local training.

Ever since, he has been preaching and teaching the Word of God. Edward began studies at Christian Leaders Institute in 2013. He has completed many credential levels. He was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2018.

He is willing to mentor Christian Leaders and help them become ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Gary D. Scott
156 Ebenezer Cemetery Rd
Leesville, Louisiana 71446
To support and encourage other Christian Leaders to bring people back to God.

Gary D. Scott was born in Fort Worth, TX to two loving parents. He was raised in Arlington, TX for the first 22 years of his life. Gary is happily married.

Gary was not raised in a church-going family, but his parents did not stifle his curiosity to explore new things for himself. He did attend church at an early age but quickly fell away from it as he grew old. When he reached my 22nd birthday, he joined the United States Army as a Military Police Officer. He greatly enjoyed his time serving in the military. He met his wife while stationed at Fort Polk, LA and has been married to her for over 16 years. They have three grown boys and eight grandchildren, which are the light of their lives.

Gary began my journey to return to God while he was in the military. The Lord has shown him many great wonders! He took a job with the local police department where he was employed as a patrol supervisor before having to give it up due to his previous injury. Now Gary works for the Marshal’s Office.

Recently, Gary has been called into ministry. He began studying at Christian Leader Institute in 2016. He was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2018.

Gary is willing to mentor and help ordain Christian leaders in his area.

Gary D. Scott Profile
Gladys Kibui
Nairobi, 00100
To encourage every Christian Leader to be healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially so that they are effectively reaching out to the unreached with the Gospel.

Gladys Kibui is the mother of two adult girls. She came to know Christ as her personal Savior and Lord. She is a missionary working with Caring Friends Ministries, a frontier mission to the unreached in the Horn of Africa.

She has been active in promoting Christian Leaders Institute. She started taking classes in 2014. She was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2017.

She is willing to mentor those at CLI in Kenya, especially women who need assistance. She will support new CLI students and help with ordination into the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Gladys has a great passion for missionary care. Her goal is to see every missionary physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially healthy so that they are effective in reaching the unreached with the Gospel.

Gladys Kibui Profile
Francis Dave Mabborang
Bacsay Luna Apayao
Tuguegarao, 3813
To mobilize a new generation of Christian Leaders in the Philippines.

Francis Dave Mabborang was born in 1997. He is part of the young generation that is seeking the Lord. Francis received a vision to become a warrior for Christ. In this vision, he was called to ministry.

Dave started Christian Leader Institute in 2016. He was ordained with the Christian Leaderes Alliance in 2018.

He is willing to mentor, especially young Christian Leaders in their walks and callings to ministry. Francis will also assist people in their ordinations.

Michael Farrar
Tustin, California 92780

Michael Farrar is married to Deborah and they have one son. Michael has been working for the same company for 11 years as a facilities technician and doing other office work. He has been a committed Christian for over three decades. He accepted Jesus Christ into his heart during an event at the church.

Recently, Michael and his wife have sensed to call to ministry.

Michael began Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. He was ordained in 2018. He is willing to mentor students and graduates. He will also help with ordination into the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Michael Farrar Profile
(714) 392-9943