Are you interested in a minister program that offers top-quality, tuition-free training in ministry, along with local endorsements? Do you desire a ministry program that provides recognized credentials, enhancing your confidence and credibility in ministry?

The Christian Leaders Alliance is here to help you align your calling with an appropriate study and credentialing program, empowering you to effectively serve as a minister in your community. This program includes a mix of mini-courses, ministry skill courses, and college-level courses from the Christian Leaders Institute.

The program offers an ordination path that encompasses both licensed and ordained recognitions within two Christian Leaders credentialing categories: Officiants and Ministers.

First, let’s explore the differences between licensed and ordained roles.

Licensed Roles:

If you feel called to engage in specific ministry activities or wish to combine ministry work with another job, you might consider becoming a “licensed” minister. This involves some training and receiving a special license that authorizes you to perform certain ministry duties. Acquiring a license is simpler and faster than achieving “ordained” minister status, which represents a more advanced level.

At the Christian Leaders Alliance, the journey begins with foundational courses at the Christian Leaders Institute. Following this, you’ll need one or two individuals to vouch for you, leading to your inclusion in a special clergy directory.

For some, obtaining a licensed minister status fulfills their needs and calling. However, for others, it marks the initial step on their path. This period is used to accumulate experience and prepare for the more challenging pursuit of ordination, necessitating additional training and endorsements.

Ordained Roles:

Achieving full ordination is a significant achievement. It signifies that you’ve undergone comprehensive training in ministry topics and doctrinal teachings, and you’ve passed rigorous evaluations to confirm your readiness for varied leadership roles within your church.

Being fully ordained means you’re recognized as highly capable of assuming crucial roles in your church.

In Summary:

Whether you’re aiming to become a licensed officiant or minister, or to attain full ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance, you’re on a path toward credentialed ministry.

Christian Leaders Alliance offers role two categories:

They are officiants and ministers:

Officiant Roles

Today’s Officiant roles draw inspiration from the ancient duties of Old Testament priests, who led ceremonies and served the people at the altar. These roles are acknowledged and respected within the clergy, aimed at those dedicated to serving God’s community. The essence of this role is deeply entrenched in biblical traditions, particularly as described in Leviticus 10:11. Here, the priests are instructed not only to conduct religious ceremonies but also to educate the Israelites on God’s laws as conveyed by Moses. In this way, the contemporary Officiant’s responsibilities of overseeing ceremonies and providing spiritual guidance continue the holy tasks once performed by priests, thus connecting time-honored traditions with the needs of today’s ministry.


Minister Roles

Minister roles within the Christian Leaders Alliance draw their essence from the New Testament, embodying the mission to guide God’s people and share the message of the Gospel. The apostle Paul, in 2 Timothy 2:2, lays out a blueprint for ministry: “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” This directive underscores the core function of a Minister: to diligently convey the core tenets of the faith diligently, ensuring the teachings and wisdom of Christ are faithfully handed down through the ages. This approach ensures that licensed and ordained ministers within the Christian Leaders Alliance embody the mentorship, teaching, and leadership ideals presented in the New Testament, fostering a legacy of faith that connects past, present, and future generations.

Presbuteros Level Minister Training and Credentialing Program

Presbuteros-level minister training and credentialing are for ministers who are advancing in their experience and training.

The Presbuteros-level of training is inspired by the Greek word, πρεσβύτερος {pres-boo’-ter-os}, which means an elder or a maturing one.

Five more minister roles are available for those seeking more training and minister credentials. These roles are:

  • Evangelist
  • Professional Coaching Minister
  • Pastor/Shepherd/Priest
  • Bi-vocational Pastor
  • Ordained Ministry Chaplain

The Presbuteros level of training is ideal for those seeking part-time or full-time ministry positions. This role is suited for planting a church or house church, registering a soul center, and much more.

Episcopos Level Minister Training and Credentialing Program

Episcopos level minister training and credentialing are for ministers who are called to multiply Christianity at advancing levels. These minister roles match the bishops of the early Church. These early bishops continued the work of the disciples and the first apostles. These bishops spread Christianity with great tenacity. Many died as martyrs.

The Episcopos level is inspired by the Greek word, ἐπίσκοπος {ep-is’-kop-os}, which means episcopate, supervisor, or bishop.

The Episcopos program includes four advanced roles, including:

  • Commissioned Minister
  • Missionary
  • Kingdom Chaplain
  • Minister of the Word.

Ministers at this level are often serving in full-time minister positions.


There are over thirty specializations that can be paired with all ministry roles. Click here


If God is calling you to become a volunteer, part-time, or full-time minister, please continue reading and seeking the Lord.

Christian Leaders Alliance will train and credential you in core minister roles that include Diakonos, Presbuteros, and Episcopos roles with over 30 specializations that meet more and more ministry needs.

General and specialized ministry needs exist in every community. As churches identify needs in the community, Christian Leaders Alliance will serve those churches by training and credentialing ministers to meet those needs and increase the impact of that local Church.

Many of these specialized ministers will become movement leaders (bishop types). These movement leaders will recruit new ministers, many of whom come into ministry as volunteers or part-time ministers in a specialization.

Christian Leaders Alliance offers a “Minister Mobilization Process” to help find ways to mobilize more ministers in local communities.

How Do I sign up?

Step one – Enroll for a tuition-free study account at the Christian Leaders Institute. Fill out the form to establish your study account.

Step Two – Complete the Getting Started Course. This course takes less than one hour and launches you into your minister program.

Step Three – Begin your ordination program


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