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Commissioned Minister

Phillip Eckstein
Address: George Town
Grand Cayman
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To help raise up Christian Leaders in the Cayman Islands
Ministry Journey:

Phillip was raised in Alberta, Canada. His parents took him to church growing up. Over the years he has grown closer to God. In the early 2000, he and his wife located themselves in the Cayman, Islands.

Gradually, a calling to ministry was placed on Phillip heart. He began his training in 2015. He has been ordained as a commissioned minister in the Christian Leaders Allance. He is willing to assist and mentor future Chrstian leaders including assistance with ordination.

Website Address: Phillip Eckstein Profile
Phone Number: 345-925-0760
Patrick Garlock
Address: 1545 NE 46th street
Topeka, Kansas 66617
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Patrick’s ministry dream is to share the love and hope of Christ to everyone God brings in his life. He is passionate about mentoring others in ministry.
Ministry Journey:

Patrick Garlock was born in southern California, the youngest of an integrated family of 10 boys. Patrick mother passed away when he was 11. He moved to Kansas. His father remarried. He died when Patrick was 12.

When Patrick was 16 years of age, his girlfriend, Stacy and he went to church. He heard the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, who died on the cross. He embraced Christ as his Savior.

Stacy and Patrick were married and had two children. As Patrick’s children reached the age of college, Stacy died of Leukemia. Partick lost his wife of 22 years.

On Stacy’s deathbed, Stacy encouraged Patrick to return to church. He did. He became renewed in his faith.

He started Christian Leaders Institute in 2015 and was later ordained as a Commissioned pastor. He is now the senior pastor of that very church. He married the children’s director. There is so much more to this amazing story.

Patrick is willing to mentor Christian Leaders Institute students or graduates in the Kansas City or Topeka area. He will help guide them through the ordination process.

Website Address: Patrick Garlock Profile
Phone Number: 785-221-1808
Warren Douglas Aus
Address: 5 Langdale Avenue
Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3RP
LE11 3RP
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Reach UK
Ministry Journey:

Warren Douglas Aus was raised in a strict church-going family and was baptized at 11 years of age though not really knowing why. Then at 19, he felt the call to be a minister, but the world called me louder and he went away from God.

Many years later Warren came back to God and gave him a mentor who trained him to preach the Word. He is married to a supporting wife. Warren has have preached in his home country, Australia. He has also preached in the Philippines and India.

Warren began his studies at Christian Leaders Insitute in 2015. He holds many advance diplomas. He is ordained as a commission minister in the Christian Leaders Alliance. Warren is willing to mentor Christian Leaders Institute students and graduates. He will also help in the ordaining process.

Marthinus and Maretha Pretorius
Address: 1354 Collins Avenue
Waverley Pretoria, Gauteng 0186
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Raise up revival leaders through mentoring and launching them into ministry. To reach SA with the gospel.
Ministry Journey:

Type of Minister: Thinus: Commissioned Minister
Maretha: Women’s Minister

Ministry Dream: Raise up revival leaders through mentoring and launching them into ministry. To reach SA and Africa with the gospel.

Ministry Journey:
Thinus and Maretha (Retha) Pretorius are married and are partners in Ministry, in Pretoria, South Africa.

In 1974, at the age of 16, Thinus gave his heart to Christ, was called by God to full-time ministry, but due to various factors, he never went to Seminary.

Thinus and Retha got married in 1981 and were involved in youth ministry and later in various “positions” in church life.

In 2000, Thinus had a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed his life and took him out of his comfort zone. The sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit forced him to ask the big questions and quickened his calling and passion for ministry.

The encounter began a process of purifying and confirmation, both in Thinus and Retha. Thinus began ministering to others. He was soon joined by Retha, who accepted her calling after a period of responding, ” No,… ministry is not for me…!”

They ministered for years with some informal training. (Retha attended an informal Bible School for 4 years). Their formal training through Christian Leaders Institute began for Thinus in 2014 and for Retha in 2015. They have many advanced diplomas through Christian Leaders Institute. Thinus is ordained as a commissioned minister and Retha as a women’s minister. They are senior pastors of Christian Leaders Community Church in Pretoria.

They encourage other CLI students by hosting regular meetings for mentoring purposes as well as assisting them in ministry needs such as formally registering their ministries and facilitating practical ministry training sessions. They also assist new students enrolling at CLI and facilitate Ordination services for CLI students.

Phone Number: Thinus +27724449046 Retha +27822938235
Nissen Youhan
Address: 45 Interlink Drive
Craigieburn Victory 3064

Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Raise up Revival leaders in Austraila. To proclaim Christ as Savior and Lord.
Ministry Journey:

Nissen Youhan was born in Iraq to Christian parents. He did not have a vital relationship with Christ. He went to church to be with his friends.

Nissen is married and has five children and six grandchildren.

During the Gulf war (when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait), Nissen fled Iraq and entered Turkey with his family (wife and four children, two boys and two girls at that time).

After suffering in a refugee camp, His family was accepted to Australia as refugees. After arriving in Tasmania Australia, they started a new life there. Then they moved to Victoria area to be close to people from his community (Assyrian people).In Melbourne, Nissen accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

He desired to study the Bible. Soon he was called into ministry. Nissen began Christian Leaders Institute in 2016. He has been ordained as a commission minister. He is willing to mentor other in Australia both in their ministry journey, including ordination.

Website Address: Nissen Youhan Profile
Phone Number: 61478806343
Karen Angela Wake
Address: Mount Forest, Ontario N0G 2L2
N0G 2L2
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To encourage and support the raising up of Revival leaders
Ministry Journey:

Karen Wake was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.

She is a mother of two wonderful sons and grandmother to three terrific grandchildren. She is married to David for over 45 years.

Karen was raised in a Salvation army church until age 18. She did not walk closely with the Lord for many years. Her husband David did not grow up in a Christian home. Together they went their way to a local non-denominational church where their faith was vitalized through the Holy Spirit.

In 2011, Karen she finished her first class at Christian Leaders Institute. She has completed various credentials and has been ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

She is willing to encourage by email others.

Website Address: Karen Wake Profile
Sharlottie Kariwo
Address: Francistown
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Sharlottie seeks to help raise up Christian Leaders for revival!
Ministry Journey:

Sharlottie Kariwo was born in Harare Zimbabwe and now works in Botswana. Sharlottie has worked with those with physical disabilities and mental disabilities.

For years, Sharlottie just attended church, not really connecting. A friend invited her to their Pentecostal church and God became more real to her. Eventually, she gave her life to Christ.

Sharlottie started Christian Leaders Institute in 2014 and has been ordained as a commission minister. She is willing to mentor Christian Leaders Institute student and graduates in her area.

Ben D. Gonzaga
Address: Pavia Iloilo, 5001

Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Bring Revival to the Philippines. Raise up more Christian Leaders.
Ministry Journey:

Ben D. Gonzaga was born in 1981 and the only child in the family due to the early death of his father when he was only 8 months old. Ben sufferes from chonic illness but that does not hold him back. Despite his chronic illness, the Lord has gifted him with many skills like carpentry, electrical related works, masonry, plumbing, cooking, driving, animal raising, art craft and many more.

Ben is married to Shim Rose and they have two lovely children, Shiloah and Jephthah.

His conversion to Christ was a slow one. He was converted at age 18. Immediately, he began witnessing to his friends. He was called into ministry at age 21.

Ben began his studies at Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. He has completed over 120 credit hours of classes. He was ordained as a commissioned minister.

He is willing and ready to mentor new CLI students in the Philippines. He will also help with Ordination.

Website Address: Ben D. Gonzaga Profile
Phone Number: 9126096626
William Rodriguez
Address: HC01 Box 8760
San German, 00683
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Raising up Ministry leaders in English and Spanish
Ministry Journey:

William Rodriguez is an experienced minister. Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and is the father of three beautiful daughters: Sarah Nashaly, Alixa Nicole, and Gabriela Angelique.

He has completed theological studies with the Extramural Bible Institute of the Assemblies Of God in Newburgh, NY.

President and Senior Pastor at “Centro de Transformación Internacional” Puerto Rico, and of A Soul For Christ Ministry Inc. and Recently incorporated William Rodriguez Ministries.

William stated Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. He has completed over 170 credits of training. He is willing to mentor CLI students in Puerto Rico including ordination.

Phone Number: 939-283-3566
Ibrahim Daniel Amshi
Address: P.O.Box 302 Damaturu, Yobe State
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To proclaim the gospel to those in Nigeria that need Christ
Ministry Journey:

Ibrahim Daniel Amshi was born into a Muslim home. There were very few Christians in his village. He took interest in Christianity at a young age. He would often attend Sunday School.

When he left his village for the university, Ibrahim continued to grow as a Christian. He has studied the Bible for many years at various places online.

Ibrahim started Christian Leaders Institute in 2016. He has completed over 65 credits of ministry training. He has been ordained as a Commissioned Minister. He is willing to mentor those in his area and help them get ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Phone Number: 2348080231669