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Commissioned Minister

Christopher Lafavor
Address: 2302 W Loop 289
Apt 302 Lubbock, Texas 79407
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To help those who are down and out to be renewed! To help raise up more leaders.
Ministry Journey:

Christopher Lafavor was raised in the church. Ever since he was young He knew that God had called me to be a preacher.

Christopher is engaged to marry the woman of his dreams. She is sold out for God and will be a wonderful compliment in ministry.

Christopher started Christian Leaders Institute in 2017. He has been ordained and is willing to help other become ordained.

Phone Number: 806-928-9243
David Green
Address: 61120 Ambassador Drive
Bend, Oregon 97702
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To pastor and help other Christian Leaders pastor others.
Ministry Journey:

David Green has a wonderful wife of 8 years and two beautiful sons, being Micah (age 3) and Silas (age 1). He likes to call them my Old Testament and New Testament sons. His family resides in beautiful Central Oregon where they get to explore many avenues of outdoor adventure that the Lord has so graciously created for them to enjoy. David works full time as an Environmental Professional for the family business.

The Lord continued to bring David closer to him. David felt called to be a pastor. And he started Christian Leaders Institute in 2016. He became ordained as a commissioned pastor in 2017. He is ready and willing to mentor Christian Leaders and help them in the ordination process.

Website Address: David Green Profile
Phone Number: 541-579-4269
Jerold Terry
Address: 209 Flannery Lane
Buda, Texas 78610
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Bring revival to his community to plant Christianity into the Austin area.
Ministry Journey:

Jerold Terry (JT) grew up in Southeast Asia (Laos, Thailand and Sri Lanka), the eldest son of Southern Baptist Missionaries. He is married to his wonderful wife, Alma. He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a graduate degree in Education, and a post master’s degree in Leadership (Ed.S.). He serves on the leadership team at his church and is excited to be a part of an ARC church plant in Austin, Texas.

JT has appreciated the ministry training at the Christian Leader Institute. It will allow him to revisit and renew his formal training.

JT holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree through Christian Leaders Institute and is ordained as a commissioned minister. He is willing to mentor represent Christian Leaders Alliance with ordination.

Phone Number: 512-757-0307
Stephen Mayo
Address: 7932 Shepherd RD
Shepherd, Montana 59079
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To impact our world with the gospel. To plant a church in Montana.
Ministry Journey:

Stephen Mayo was born and raised in a small Montana town. The last of four children. He grew up in a Christian home, something He will thank God for every day. He went to community college in Wyoming where He earned an associate in history, focused on the ancient middle east and the Mediterranean, and an associate in English.

While He was attending college, He slowly fell away from the church. He spent several years stumbling around on his own trying to make things work. He began exploring other faiths and seeing what was out there. Though He never questioned the existence of God, he questioned the person of Christ.

A few years after college some friends invited he and his wife to attend a service at their church. The first couple of weeks He resisted taking in the teaching. At one service, his wife raised her hand as a profession of faith. They were all supposed to have their eyes closed, but somehow he knew when her hand went up. He spent the next week soul searching. On his way to work one day, He put in a DC talk CD from when He was a kid. By the time he arrived at work, He was in tears. He became a Christian at that time.

Immediately, he was sensing a calling. He wanting to start Bible College. Eventually, he found Christian Leaders Institute. Stephen began Christian Leaders Institute in 2015. He is close to finishing his Bachelor degree in divinity. He was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2017.

He is willing and ready to mentor new CLI students and help them become ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Phone Number: 406-749-0644
Shirley Johnson
Address: 98440 US Highway 59
Sallisaw, Oklahoma 74955
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Bring restoration and revival to her area; to help women to soar past abuse into wholeness
Ministry Journey:

Shirley Johnson is an unlikely ordained leader. She was a victim of sexual abuse from her adoptive father. She was lost in two abusive marriage. In one marriage, she was led into the sexual swinging lifestyle. She was lost.

In her third marriage now, the Lord entered into her life and the life of her husband. She has mothered 8 children. She has been through so much. But Christ saved her and has called her to minister to women who are abused and also need Christ. She has forgiven those that have harmed her and has taken responsibility for her own actions.

In 2015, she began Christian Leaders Insitute. She has completed over 130 credits of training. She was ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance. She is willing to mentor women who have been sexually abused and need healing. She has shared her transparent story on her profile. She will assist in helping with ordination.

Website Address: Shirley Johnson Profile
Phone Number: 918-315-5137
Ki Sup Kim
Address: Ga-dong 309
190, Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13386
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Help raise up revival in South Korea
Ministry Journey:

Ki Sup Kim comes from Christian Family. He is an English teacher in a more poor area of Korea. He has a passion for his county. God has led Ki Sup Kim through many struggles, especially a large conflict that even included his wife. Through this experience, God has sanctified and called Ki Sup Kim to ministry.

Ki Sup Kim began to study at Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. He has completed over 90 credits of ministry training.

He was ordained in 2015 with the Christian Leaders Alliance. He is willing to mentor others in South Korea for ministry.

Website Address: Ki Sup Kim Profile
Phone Number: 010-6203-9563
Andreas Thissen
Address: Genend 1
Schwalmtal, Nordrhein-Westfalen 41366
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Reach the German people with the Love of Christ. Bring Revival to Germany
Ministry Journey:

Andreas Thissen, or “Andy” lives in Schwalmtal, Germany. He was born in 1982. He attended church in his younger life and the became distant from God for many years. Several years again one of his friends in Florida witnessed to him and he experienced renewal and was baptized in a Florida, USA church. He was not only saved but he was called into ministry.

He is paramedic and teacher for Emergency Medical Services in Germany. He started studying at Christian Leaders Institute in 2015. He has completed his bachelor degree in Divinity and he is ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance. He is also colaborating on getting some ministry training classes in the German language.

He is open and willing to mentor others and help them get ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Website Address: Andreas Thissen Profile
Phone Number: 4921638998070
Tony Wetmore
Address: 620 Rose Hill Drive
Crestline, California 92325
Ministry Dream: To reach his community for Christ and help raise up more Christian Leaders for ministry
Ministry Journey:

Tony Wetmore is a follower of Jesus Christ. He lives in a small resort town in the mountains of Southern California. Still close however to aYet, within a two-hour commute from this small community by car is a harvest field of about 22.68 million people!

Tony came to the Lord at YMCA camp when he was 12, and participated in youth groups during my high school years. He fell away from the Lord shortly after graduation, and spent a decade in the “world,” before returning to Him and becoming born again.

He is married to a wonderful wife for over 30 years. Together, they have three children.

For the past 25 years, He served as a ministry leader in programs ranging from youth and men’s ministry to those aimed at serving the homeless and those in prison. Throughout it all, music and worship leading have been an integral part of his service. In October 2016, He served as the worship leader for his church, Selah Christian Fellowship, in Crestline, Calif. He was also blessed to preach the message often at Selah as well as preaching and sharing the gospel on the street and in a local prison.

Tony began studies at Christian Leaders Insititute in 2013 and have many award credentials. He was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance as a Commission Minister in 2016.

Tony will be willing to help Christian Leaders Institute students and graduates advance in Pastoral Ministry, Homeless Ministry, Prison Ministry, Youth Ministry and more – He is willing to come alongside and help them through the Ordination/Graduation process as a mentor.

Website Address: Ministry Website
Phone Number: 923254815
Davies Mutuku
Address: P.O Box 26482
Nairobi, 00100
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: He is passionate about spreading the truth of Scripture and bringing revival to Kenya and beyond.
Ministry Journey:

Davies Mutuku works in administration and logistics in a manufacturing company in Nairobi, Kenya. He currently assists with pastoral duties in a church plant in Machakos county.

He gave his life to Christ and was baptized in 1981. He made a deeper commitment in God in 2000 and started serving in his local church at that time. He has a passion for teaching and for Christian missions.

Davies began his studies at CLI in 2013 and serves as a bi-vocational CLI ambassador in Kenya. He was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2015 and is ready and willing to mentor other students and graduates in their ministry training journey and ordination.

Website Address: Davies Mutuku Profile
Phone Number: 254722343264
Edward Donkor
Address: Johtokiventie 3E 41
Helsinki, 00710
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To bring revival to the earth
Ministry Journey:

Edward Donkor is a married Ghanaian residing in Helsinki, Finland. He loves Jesus and is called and willing to be an agent of revival to the world.

He began studying at Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and was ordained in 2018. He has completed over 80 credits of classes at CLI.

He will be willing to mentor students by email or in person in parts of Europe. He will guide Christian Leaders toward ordination in the Christian Leaders Alliance.


Website Address: Edward Donkor Profile
Phone Number: 0443267679