Mentor Ministers

Mentor ministers are ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance. These Mentor Ministers have expressed their willingness to mentor Christain Leaders Institute students and graduates in their ministry training. If someone needs to be ordained, these mentor minister will assist if needed.  Each Mentor Minister has gone through the ordination process with Christian Leaders Alliance. This directory is growing and reaching more places.

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Maxo Jean-Jacques
Address: 4576 NW 41 Olace
Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To serve Immigrants of Haiti to help them connect to the Lord and their communities as they live in Florida.
Ministry Journey:

Maxo Jean-Jacques was born in Haiti in 1969. He was raised mostly by his mother because his father left Haiti in 1980 and came to United States. Maxo came to the USA as well in the 1980s. Maxo encountered Jesus as my Lord and Savior at 11 years old in 1983. Maxo met and married Elmitha Pierre in 1999 and have two beautiful children, one girl and one boy.

Maxo graduated from Florida Metropolitan University (FMU) in 2007 with a BS in Accounting, and with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Masters of Accounting in 2010.

More than 80% of Haitians people do not known the real God, they believe in Voodoo. Christian Leaders Institute has been a big help in bringing Maxo ministry training and becomeing ordained as Commission Minister.  Maxo Jean-Jacques serve in ministry to the Haitian people. Maxo is called to raise up leaders to reach the Haitian people. He is called teach and train other Haitians with the Bible knowledge. He is also help to organize other Haitian Christian Leaderes.

Maxo Jean-Jacques is willing to mentor Haitian or non-Haitian leaders in their studies at Christian Leaders Institute. He will also help in the ordaining more more leaders in the South Florida area.

Website Address: Maxo Jean-Jacques Profile
Phone Number: 9542455514
April Standfield
Address: P.O. Box 223 Smithsburg, Md. 21783
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To raise up a new generation of Christian Leaders through youth ministry and music
Ministry Journey:

April Standfield is the pastor at God's Love Ministries Church. April has worked as a nurse and has a passson for helping people. April Competed minister training at Christian Leaders Institute in 2016. She was ordained as a Commissioned Minister in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

April has a passion for seeing souls saved through Jesus Christ. She has a history of winning souls through evangelism, helping in Ministry, and assisting in ways that God speaks to her heart on how to help.

April has planted God's Love Church. The focus of this church is bringing people to Christ and working for young families.

Website Address: God's Love Church
Phone Number: (202) 904-6407
Robert Fieldhouse
Address: 10 Nelmar Ave.
Saint Augustine, Florida 32084
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: His ministry dream is to serve others while he continues to grow in the knowledge and grace of Christ Jesus.
Ministry Journey:

Dr. Robert Fieldhouse is a Pastor born in Miami, Florida to an upper-middle-class family. He was the last born of three. His father did not practice any faith and his mother had a living relationship with God.
Robert came of age in the 1960s and served in the United States Marine Corps. His relationship with God was off and on again. He received an injury and was released from the Marines. For the next many years that followed Robert struggled to overcome pain and hurt. He was searching for God. God found him in his great search. Read the full story.
Robert found Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. Though he struggles with physical disabilities, he has completed over 50 credit hours of training and he has been ordained as a Commission minister.
He has started a church and he serves in various ways in his community. He welcomes new CLI students to contact him for encouragement, mentorship or ordination assistance.

Website Address: Website
Phone Number: 904-907-6833
Claudia Niemann
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Claudia is called to be an evangelist and teacher.
Ministry Journey:

Dr. Claudia Niemann is over 60 years old and from Germany. Claudia has been married almost two decades to Djamel who is from Algiers. She has worked as a chemist and food scientist. She play the organ in her parents church.

Claudia parents were pastors in a small town in former East Germany. As she grew up in Eastern German in those days, she learned the importance of staying close to the Lord. Her brother played in a praise band and his influence encouraged my calling to the ministry.

In 2005, while pursuing her accedemic studies the Lord called her to ministry in a vision. Since that time Claudia has pursued ministry training and has served as a minister.

She as been ordained as a minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance and is willing to mentor others in Algiers who are called into the minister.

Cathy Byrd
Address: Panama City, Florida 32404
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Help women in crisis learn how to thrive in Christ. She is an encourager!
Ministry Journey:

Cathy Byrd has been married for over 45 years to William H. Byrd (Bill). She was raised in a small agricultural community in southwest Georgia. Cathy and Bill have 2 children, Billy and Charlotte, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Bill and Cathy moved to Panama City, Florida in 1994 when Charlotte left for college. Bill worked in broadcasting management. Cathy worked in pharmaceutical sales. Their children are married and They have 5 grandchildren from ages 20 to 12.

At age 38, the Lord took her compartmentalize faith and brought her to an authentic walk with God. This changed everything. This authentic walk became a calling to leave sales and pursue counseling. Soon that included ministry.

She began Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and has been ordained as a Deacon Minister. She is a certified counselor and she leads a ministry for women in crisis. She is willing to mentor Christian Leaders Institute students and help them get ordained.

Website Address: Ministry Website
Dan Lim (Lim Beng Hui)
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Dan Lim is passionate about reaching others for Christ. Dan seeks to communicate the gospel to those in Singapore.
Ministry Journey:

Dan Lim heard about Jesus and His love through Youth for Christ in school. He came to know the Lord in 1986. Since then, He is committed to serve the Lord, as He considers it a great privilege. His walk with God and the burden for those who have yet to know our Lord Jesus Christ have kept him going all these years.

He has never received any certified training over the years until he entered Christian Leaders Institute in 2015. Since that time, he has accomplished over 40 credit hours of advanced ministry training.

Dan and his wife are involved in street ministries and prison ministries. They are willing to mentor Christian Leaders Institute graduates to take their next steps in ministry. They will help those called into ministry in their journey into ordination.

Website Address: Dan Lim CLI Profile
Phone Number: 65 90406467
Kate Batten
Address: BRIDLINGTON , East Riding of Yorkshire YO16 7QP
YO16 7QP
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Kate spiritual dream is to help those that the world forgets about, the people who are lost in a vicious circle of offending crimes and those who have suffered from abuse.
Ministry Journey:

Kate could have easily been crushed by her childhood. At the age of two, her parents divorced. Her mother married poorly twice in her childhood. She was a victim of sexual abuse and had little respect for herself. She entered into destructive relationships that would lead to her drinking and taking drugs to blot out her reality and escape the pain and shame she was feeling from the past childhood experiences. By age 19, she was a single mom with two children.

God showed up in her life as she began to help domestic violence victims, sex trafficking victims and people with a whole host of fears from writing their own books to rising their self-awareness.

After having so many success stories, Kate invited people to share their stories in a published book and launched it out to the world. The book became a #1 international bestseller and 17 more books followed by co-authoring and solo authoring my her own books.

In 2017, Kate found Christian Leaders Institute and began classes. She has been ordained as a deacon minister. She is called to mentor others on a ministry path.

Website Address: Kate Batten Website
Phone Number: 447419768731
David Hill
Address: Bradford, West Yorkshire BD13 4NG
BD13 4NG
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: David Hill Evangelical Pastor in a resistant area for the gospel. He preaches the word and I try to guide those deceived by satan.
Ministry Journey:

David was raised in a small mining village where his parents divorced when he was 8 years old. As a regular attendee at church, he became a Christian.

David was moved into local authority care at the age of 14 after suffering from child abuse, something which the Lord guided him to overcome.

However, He lapsed many times, drinking and taking drugs at 17/18 and even a couple of attempted suicides at 19. Through these times, David turned from God, but God neve left him.

As David grew older, his relationship with the Lord has grown stronger. He is married to Julie who supports him. He has a passion to reach those stuck in cults, dead Christianity, and non-christians.

David started Christian Leaders Institute in 2013 and has has received his Bachelor of Divinity Degree. He is willing to mentor Christian Leaders students and graduates and help them through the ordination process.

Website Address: David Hill Profile
Phone Number: 447449587527
Shane Bryant
Address: Battery Road
Hospital Park
Ladysmith, Kwa-Zulu Natal 3370
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Shane seeks to raise up revival leaders to complete their preparation for ministry in the region where he lives. He is passionate about mentoring future Christian Leaders.
Ministry Journey:

Shane Bryant is happily married to the love of his life; Jillian Bryant - his support and ministering partner. He has two wonderful sons - Judah and Christian - who are very supportive of the ministry. Shane lives in a smallish town called Ladysmith, in the Midlands of the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Shane joined Christian Leaders Institute in 2015 and has enjoyed the training. He completed his Bachelors of Divinity degree and pastors Christian Leaders Church, a church that he planted in Ladysmith. Shane is interested in creating a local center of mentoring and helping others to plant churches. He is willing and ready for Christian Leaders Institute students to be encouraged in their studies. Shane will also assist in ordination matters.

Website Address: Shane's Church Link
Phone Number: 0366353378
Phillip Eckstein
Address: George Town
Grand Cayman
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To help raise up Christian Leaders in the Cayman Islands
Ministry Journey:

Phillip was raised in Alberta, Canada. His parents took him to church growing up. Over the years he has grown closer to God. In the early 2000, he and his wife located themselves in the Cayman, Islands.

Gradually, a calling to ministry was placed on Phillip heart. He began his training in 2015. He has been ordained as a commissioned minister in the Christian Leaders Allance. He is willing to assist and mentor future Chrstian leaders including assistance with ordination.

Website Address: Phillip Eckstein Profile
Phone Number: 345-925-0760

These Mentor Ministers have been nominated by other ministers as a CLI ordained graduate who will be a resource for other Christian Leaders. Mentor Ministers are added through a nomination and interview process. Mentor Ministers may be removed for various reasons, such as the “Mentor Minister” is now too busy. Other reasons may also play a part.

Mentor Ministers have agreed to the doctrinal statement of Christian Leaders Institute when they enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute.