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Women's Ministers

Laurie Rowland
Address: 32459
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Inspired by the Word of God as a new believer in her early 20’s Laurie started writing poems and giving them to friends, family, and associates as the Lord would lead as a way to express her faith and love for Jesus

Ministry Journey:

Her ministry dream is to partner with other Christian leaders, ministries, churches and outreach centers to teach, disciple and mentor new Women believers and Women’s Christian Leaders. Her passion is the women are fully rooted and grounded in the word in order to avoid going astray or shipwrecking their faith. She has written devotionals for women.

Laurie has a pastor’s heart for women, who were raised in the church but have fallen away, or baby Christians that were not disciplined and never grew their faith. The Lord has put so many of them in them in her path; disillusioned by legalism and “religion” they are hungry for Gospel of truth and grace. She has ministered to women who have been successful in business but found their lives empty.

Rebecca Simmons
Address: 07025
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Rebecca’s ministry dream to save souls and change lives for Jesus Christ. It her ministry dream to empower God’s people through the preaching and teaching of His Word from the Bible.

Ministry Journey:

Rebbecca have been a born-again Christian since 1994. Prior to giving her life to the Lord, She had been meeting different men who shared the gospel with her and prayed for her, but she was determined not to get saved. One night, while She was out getting ready to get drunk, the Lord sent a man into the bar to talk to me about Jesus. He just happened to know her sister and her boyfriend and asked for a personal introduction to Rebbeca.

Once they were introduced to each other, they spent the rest that time in that bar connecting with each other. After the bar closed, they sat in her car and talked. He told Rebbeca about having recently gotten saved and how much he loved his church. Then he invited Rebecca to church. They became friends and eventually, Rebecca went to church with him. When she walked in the door of the church, she felt like she had come home. Eventually she gave my life to the Lord. She has gone to church ever since.

Rebecca married that man. He became a pastor.

Her husband and she minister at the local level at their church. She has learned so much they wished they had known when they started. She shares her training with her husband the pastor of the church.

Rebecca is willing to mentor and help with local ordinations for people in her region.

Sandy Colon
Address: 10705
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Sandy dream is to help bring restoration to as many people God places in her life. But she is especially drawn to working with abused and battered women. She would like to one day have a place where they can come to get away from the abuse.

Ministry Journey:

Sandy came to the Lord in the early 1980’s at age 14. She was invited to a Christian church and that night She accepted God’s calling.

Sandy is the mother of one daughter and grandmother of two girls and two boys. Her husband is also in ministry.

Sandy started to attended Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. She has completed over 70 credit hours of ministry training.

Sandy is willing to encourage Christian Leaders Institute graduates in her area and help them with their ordination process.

Catherine Camelo
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To help women connect to Christ and to raise up more woman warriors for Christ

Ministry Journey:

Catherine Camelo is happily married to Robert. They have two daughters. They moved from Columbia to Mexico in 2012 to homeschool their daughter.

Catherine and Robert continue to grow in a living relationship with Christ. Catherine senses the calling into ministry.

She stated Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and was ordained in 2018. Catherine has the calling to lead women to grow in Christ.

Catherine is willing to mentor Spanish or English speaking students in their ministry training or ordination into the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Jocelyn Hutchens
Address: 48239
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To reach those who find themselves hopeless and introduce them to Christ and mobilize them for ministry.

Ministry Journey:

Jocelyn Hutchens has been married since October 2003. She has been a Christian since 2011 when she got baptized with her best friend Kristie.

Jocelyn works in the office of a Cooperative, Her title is “Certified Occupancy Specialist.” Her path with Christ all started with a friend who posted the Lifehouse Everything Skit.

Jocelyn was following the Pagan life for a bit of time but feeling empty with it. When he posted the video She clicked on it literally cried her eyes out and was beyond moved by the Holy Spirit. That night she went home packed all of her Pagan stuff and threw it out. From there she started looking for a church. I came across South Redford Christian Church now Ignition Church and immediately felt at home that first Sunday. Since becoming a member she has taken on the Leadership role of the Greeter team.

She has sensed the calling into ministry and stated Christian Leaders Institute in 2015. She has been ordained as a Women’s Minister in 2016.

She is willing to mentor studying at Christian Leaders Institute and/or on the path of ordination.

Josephine Musonza
Address: nn2 7se
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

Help Raise up Women Revival leaders in the UK. She has a passion to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ

Ministry Journey:

Josephine Musonza graduated in 2009 as a Clinician. She currently working in a healthcare setting, providing holistic care to the community.

She is called to use her ministry training as a bi-vocational Christian Leader.

She is willing and ready to mentor others in her area in their ministry training and through their ordination process with Christian Leaders Alliance.

Bernice Landman
Address: 2200
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To raise up revival leaders in South Africa!

Ministry Journey:

Bernice Landman was raided in aa Christian family, and she attended church and got baptized at a young age.

She is blessed with a wonderful Christian husband, and they adopted a son named, Tashmain.

She sensed the call into ministry and began Christian Leaders Institue in 2016. She became ordained in 2017. Bernice is willing to mentor those seeking to complete their ministry training and complete the ordination process in Christian Leaders Alliance.

Sabrina Hayes
Address: 30135
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To help raise up Christian Leaders for Revival in Georgia

Ministry Journey:

Sabrina Hayes is married to her husband Christopher since the late 1990s. They have three beautiful girls.

She has walked with the Lord for most of her life and also has felt the call into ministry.

Our family life centers around entrepreneurship and ministry. She is the founder of a retreat-based women’s ministry called Sanctuary Girl.

Sabrina started CLI in 2017 and became ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance that year.

Sabrina is willing to mentor other Christian Leaders Institute graduates with their ministry training and their ordination process through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Antonia Davis
Address: 38016
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To raise up Christan Leaders for revival. To reach teens for Christ and plant a house church.

Ministry Journey:

Antonia and her husband Toran serve the Lord together in ministry. She has two children and has planted a house church together.

Her walk with Christ strengthened after she met her husband to be around 2008. They were married in 2010. She has a passion for teens and their struggles.

Antonia began her studies at Christian Leaders Institute in 2017 and was ordained in 2018. She and her husband are willing to mentor CLI students in their ministry training and ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Tanya Thompson
Address: 37207
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream:

To raise up leaders in the greater Nashville area for revival!

Ministry Journey:

Tanya Thompson is a Christian, single mother of one 18-year-old daughter. She has been actively involved in Christian Ministry since the age of 12. She is the author of a Christian Women’s Self Help book. Her passion is Children and Women’s Ministry. She has seven years of Women’s Ministry Leadership including Sunday School Teacher, Bible Study Leader, and Missionettes Full Gospel Fellowship Instructor. She is a Licensed Practical Nurse and an Entrepreneur.

She is a survivor of Spousal Abuse/Domestic Violence. She has also had the honor of speaking at several Local Churches for Women’s Conferences.

She was called to ministry. She began CLI in 2016 and was ordained in 2017. She is willing to mentor Christian Leaders Institute students in their ministry training and through ordination with the Christian Leaders alliance.