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Matthew Caffell
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Ministry Dream

To Mentor and guide fellow students in the UK

Ministry Journey

My name is Matthew Caffell, a leader in a transport outreach in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

My Christian walk has been anything but straightforward, in fact it has been one of ebbs and flows.

I started my walk at about eight years of age. My parents had split when I was very young. After their break up, my Dad recommitted to The Faith, and God lead him to become an Elder of a local Evangelical church. He continued in ministry in one way or another till his going to Glory in 2018.

My Mum on the other hand was not a Christian, and did almost everything she could to dissuade me from following in my father's footsteps; This caused rather a mixed upbringing, and was very hard for me to know what was right.

Thankfully God himself started to show himself to me, in the way that only He can. I remember praying true heartfelt prayers from a young age, even asking God to be my Lord and Jesus to be my Saviour, as I understood it then.

I had a varied childhood, often being the greatest advert for the Enemy, interspersed with times where I did what I was able, to be right and walking with the Lord.

I was baptised in the fountains in Trafalgar Square, London, England on Friday 13th February 1998, which was part of a great leap forward in my spiritual walk.

Whilst my walk did not run smooth, I spent a long time away from church, I never really gave up my faith.

There is more to say, but that would lengthen the way past the necessary.
What I will say is that on 28th December 2003 I was turned on to God fully, and that is the date that I count as the start of my ministry journey.

I received supernatural healing for a severe spinal injury. That day the pastor of that church invited me to become his apprentice.

I spent nine months in training with Rev Dr William Isaacs-Sodeye who is a powerful minister of the Gospel. My time with him was of great value to my walk of faith.

Over the following years I have developed a deeper relationship with God and Jesus.

God has brought the most wonderful woman to be by my side and join me in the walk of faith.

We now have two awesome daughters together.

My career has been in the transport sector, mainly as a HGV and PSV driver. God has used this experience through a ministry for truck drivers in the UK, which I have been blessed with the position of Senior Ministry lead.

This is the ministry that I have predominantly joined to help CLI further. Firstly, deepening my relationship with The Lord and all that I learn in this process, secondly, I would then be able to pass this knowledge on to those who I minister to in Jesus' name.

GL52 8JB
Sue Pogue
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Last Name
Ministry Dream

My passion is to encourage, minister, mentor, and share the Gospel where God has called me to serve.

Ministry Journey

I live in Bedford which is in northeast Ohio in the United States. I was born in Lakewood, Ohio which is also in northeast Ohio. I turned 70 in 2021.

Church was not a big thing to my parents. I was raised Catholic. I became Pentecostal, was saved and baptized in 1980. I am now non-denominational.

I began taking classes at CLI in December, 2019 because I wanted more knowledge about God and it was free. I was living in a nursing home then. I am so thankful to CLI/CLC because I was able to get the education I wanted within my meager income. When covid started, we were not allowed to leave our rooms, nor were we allowed visitors for 387 days so I studied, a lot.

I have earned both an Associate of Divinity and a Bachelor of Divinity degree. I have also earned 3 Diplomas, 6 Certificates, 26 Awards, 5 Badges, and 17 licenses and ordinations including Life Coach Minister, Associate Chaplain Minister, and Associate Minister. I continue to add credentials. I have now become a Certified Life Coach. 

This has been an amazing journey. I have had marvelous professors who are men and women of God. They have not only shared their knowledge with me but they have also demonstrated Christian love and how a Christian should live.

Currently, I am no longer in a nursing home and am now a Pastor for an Assisted Living Complex for seniors. Matthew 10:8, "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give." Because of CLI, I have freely received. Now it is my turn to give. I am a volunteer with CLA and I like assisting other CLI/CLC students to help them reach their goals as God leads them.