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Elsie C. Rodriguez
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

Her dreams and goals are to serve The Lord by reaching out and sharing God's Word and hope of salvation with those who do not know him

Ministry Journey

Elsie has been married to a wonderful Christian man for about 40 years. She is a mother and grandmother.

Elsie attends Grad and Peace community church which has a progressive vision to reach people in Chicago.

Elsie began her studies at Christian Leaders Institute in 2014. She was ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2017. She is willing to mentor students and graduates in their studies at Christian Leaders Institute. She is also willing to help with ordination into the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Jim Ausfahl
Last Name
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

Jim seeks to bring physical and spiritual healing in Christ to his local community and the world. He is passionate about raising up Christian Leaders

Ministry Journey

Jim grew up in a home that was outwardly religious but with little other than an outward religion, though his maternal grandparents had a living faith. As a child, his parents were transferred to the British Isles, and at a Saturday outreach event, he was born again. At college, Jim was involved with IVCF which strengthened his faith. Returning to the Peoria area, he sat under the ministry of Dr. Bruce Dunn, which strengthened his faith.

Jim is not just an ordinary doctor. He is also passionate about the matters of the soul. For instance, he authored the book, The Brightstar Epistles, which is the mirror image of C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, an experienced angel guiding another angel ministering to and overseeing a church on Earth.

At 65, Jim has no plans to retire at as a physician or no plans to slow down in his ministry dream.

Jim is willing to assist Christian Leaders Institute graduates to take their next step in ministry. He is willing to help those called to become ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Robert Fairless
Last Name
Type of Minister
Ministry Dream

To Raise up Revival Leaders in Southern Illinois and their region.

Ministry Journey

Rob Fairless lives in Southern Illinois along with his wife Amber and his two daughters Kennedi and Emeri. He currently host "The 25th Hour Radio Show" which is one of the most reputable celebrity/notable name/Christian rooted talk shows in the American Midwest.

Robert Fairless has been walking with the Lord for a long time. He is called to get more and more involved in ministry. Robert started in 2017 and was ordained in 2018. Robert is willing to mentor Christian Leaders Institute students and graduates and help Christian Leaders get ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Round Lake, Illinois – Flag Bearer Andrea Harris
First Name
Andrea Harris
Ministry Journey

I am Rev. Andrea Harris.

As a child, I was introduced to the church at a very young age. I became involved with church activities immediately, which I enjoyed a great deal. Besides learning about Christ, it allowed me the opportunity to discover a lot about myself, my gifts, and talents. My involvement in church and Christian activities helped me learn and grow. I began exercising gifts and talents I didn't realize I had.

I accepted Christ and was baptized at a very early age and have kept the Lord in my heart ever since.

The day I received my calling, I accepted it immediately without hesitation. The Lord has bestowed upon me the blessing of spreading His word and telling as many as I can about His goodness.

When I shared my calling experience with others, no one seemed surprised. I was told I had been doing it all along.

Ministry is very important in my life, and I do not take this blessing lightly.

Once I received my calling, I initially thought I was to minister, preach, and spread the Gospel of Christ. I have come to learn it meant so much more than just that. My journey has not been easy, as I have experienced storms in life that have only made me stronger and strengthened my relationship with God. Every storm God brought me through was a testimony to my calling and Life's Christian work as a Minister.

Through CLI, I have not only developed knowledge and skills to assist me in becoming a better and more knowledgeable Minister, but it has also taught me that my role does not have to be contained to ministering but also to Life Coaching.

While studying ministry, the Lord led me to Life Coach Ministry. Helping others has always been a passion of mine, and this ministry allows me to help other Christians with life struggles. I now realize why friends and family felt so comfortable talking to me about issues they were dealing with. I thank God for making that connection, as this is something I so strongly believe in - Christians helping other Christians to continue their walk with the Lord. What a blessing!

Life Coach Ministry not only gives me an opportunity to Minister but also to help other Christians clear their pathway in their walk with Christ.

I am currently taking classes with Christian Leaders Institute to further my walk with God in both Ministry and Life Coach Ministry as well. The Lord has continued to bless me in so many ways, and I am so grateful. I feel this is a great opportunity to learn and strengthen my knowledge of the Bible, in Christ, and my calling.

I was advised by Christian leaders who believed in me that taking classes would be beneficial for me. I prayed and asked God to help and guide me toward the school that would best benefit me.

Christian Leaders Institute is where I was led, and it has proven to be an excellent source.

I feel that ordination into the Ministry not only provides validation but also confidence in leadership to the community.

Currently, Ministering, Preaching the word of the Gospel, Baby Dedications, and Life Coach Ministry have been put in my path. To further my work in Ministry, I will continue taking additional classes, as well as Life Coach Certification with CLI. My training with CLI has truly been a blessing to me. It has provided knowledge, deeper meaning, and a clear understanding of the word of God. Let us continue to pray for each other's Ministry, and may my Life Coach Ministry bring Help, Comfort, and Strength to those in need.

My study interests: I am interested in the study of ministry, life coaching, and mentoring.

My goal is to become a licensed, ordained, commissioned, and certified Life Coach Minister as I intend to minister and help all those whom the Lord leads me to.

Hobbies: I love to encourage others through prayer, the word, and the workings of Jesus. I also enjoy cooking, baking, catering, writing Poetry, and Spoken Word.