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    Ministry Journey

    My name is Chad Vargason. I live in Pasadena, MD with my beautiful wife and 3 lovely daughters.  I have been walking with the Lord since 1992. I consider myself a Bapticostal, because I love studying the Word and Theology while in complete awe of how the Spirit works through so many people in so many incredible and distinct ways.

    I surrendered to my Call to Preach back in 1993 and have had the opportunity to preach and serve in multiple churches in the UK and America.

    About 4 years ago, my Pastor asked me to pray about being a Deacon in our church.  I had initial reservations, because I wanted to make sure that it was a calling and not a prideful desire to have a “title”.  The more I prayed about it, the more the Lord laid on my heart that He was calling me to serve others and speak His truth.

    I was looking into affordable christian college education and that is when I found CLI.  I wanted to expand my knowledge and find the tools to make me a stronger Deacon and servant. Even though I have been a Deacon at my church for a couple years and have had some wonderful opportunities, I knew that the Deacon Ordination through CLI would allow me to refine my calling and provide focus and equipment for my ministry, current and future, and have since completed it along with my Life Coach Minister Ordination.

    I have always had a heart for “disenfranchised” Christians, having been the victim of legalism and spiritual abuse. The Lord has softened my heart and given me the opportunity to show others about what true love and grace really is.

    Lately, I feel the Lord pulling me toward pastoral ministry but not quite sure which specific role He wants me to fill, but I am open to His leading.

    My training at CLI has been very valuable to my ministry and look forward to continuing with my education and training, wherever He may lead me. It has provided a great foundation for my role as Deacon and member of the body of Christ.

    If I could ask for prayer, it would be for guidance and direction for my ministry and strength and wisdom for being the godly Father and Husband that I need to be to glorify my Saviour.

    Thank you for your Love

    Candy Davidson-Schwan
    Ministry Journey
    My name is Candy Davidson-Schwan.  I am a wife and mother to five children, ages seven to sixteen.  My husband and I run a "home-based" business manufacturing Eastern White Cedar Shingles.  We also home school our blessings that God has given us.

    My faith in my Lord Jesus Christ began in my childhood.  I learned on my Grandmother's knee that "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible tells me so."  This combined with Sunday school and watching my Grandma read her devotional everyday before her feet touched the floor, praying together in the car, at meals and bedtime gave me a strong foundation.

    Unfortunately as I grew older I grew away from God.  Not that I did not believe in the existence of God; I just didn't believe in the need to actively seek him and his will for me on a daily bases.  Sometimes more often than I want to admit I acted against His will.  Through these years my heart kept pulling me back and eventually I returned to "church".  Maybe during a season of trial or maybe just because something was missing.  Going back to church did not stop the hardships from happening, but through my seeking Him, I found new and wonderful things about Him.

    I long to have the time to tell all that God has done for and to me, but 6 paragraphs is not enough space.  So for now a brief overview:

    • I have been challenged to seek the truth in the scripture
    • I have personally experienced miracles
    • I have received healing through forgiveness
    • I have been tested, pulled away from God and faded (but thankfully not extinguished)
    • thankfully my Lord is my Shepard and He has not allowed me to stray too far
    • now my heart is willing to seek Him

    I will be honest, I am not sure how God will use my ministry training.  All I know is that my heart desires to serve God, and my experiences have shown the need to meet people where they are and share how my Father loves me and that He loves them also.

    I look forward to the opportunity to have a scholarship at CLI because I have wanted for a long time to take training through a seminary school.  My family commitments do not allow me to go away to a brick and mortar school.  My soul soars when I study, learn and discuss God's word.  It is almost an addictive high for me, just ask my husband Tim!  Therefore I hope that CLI will give me the opportunity to set my heart on fire for good this time.
    PART 2 : LIFE COACHING  2019
    God is so very very good!
     I honestly did not know what to expect at the beginning of this journey with CLI, I was so excited to have found an opportunity to grow and learn. I never expected the potential that could be unleashed from within me!  Having seen what can happen with myself, I want to share with others as well.
    I believe that inside each and every human is a grand plan from God.  I believe other humans are often blinded to this potential by what can be seen on the surface, or in  the other's actions. I believe LOVE is the key to unlocking each others potential. I believe the traditional ways of counseling and mentoring are good but they do not reach deeply into another to touch the ideas that God has placed within his creation, they either keep looking back at the pain or looking at what has worked for someone else.
    My heart keeps turning to Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-His divine nature- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so people are without excuse."  If God is so obvious why are humans so blind? Because we have buried Him. What if the best way to reveal our Lord to others is by asking them to discover what they already know? What if in becoming interested and concerned for others we can overcome our own snares and traps? What if we can help another see the beauty that has been in front of them all of the time?
    My prayer is that if the Lord can help me help just one, that the impact from the one will send ripples over the entire world!  That praises will rise from every heart and joy and peace will fill the earth.
    2021 update
    The Lord is so good, His love endures forever!
    I continue to be blessed through the CLI courses and gaining experience ,therefore I decided to  complete the courses required to 'license' my life coach skills.
    I believe that the answers we seek are found on the inside when the Holy Spirit indwells us.  We just need to ask the correct questions and to admit the answers to ourselves.  Enter your life coach!
    Knowing what you seek, and learning to have a plan and implementing it, is paramount to a 'successful' life.  Having someone to keep you accountable is a bonus.
    The journey continues
    Walking with the Lord to ordination.  Ordination is not something I take lightly but have prayed over since I started taking classes at CLI.
    After much prayer and deep discussion with my peers the calling on my heart lead me to complete the deacon ministry course.
    It amazes me every day how the Lord works.  Circumstance it seems to us, will lead us to places we would not have thought of on our own.
    Ministry is not only about standing in a pulpit and preaching to a crowd on Sunday.  Ministry is a lifestyle that is a reflection of God through what we do  and say.  Ministering comes from our being, not what we choose.
    I thank you CLI/CLC/CLA for the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding through the excellent classes that you provide.  I thank you also for the wisdom you give in how to share the love of the Lord to others.
    May God continue to bless the work of Christian Leaders everywhere!  In Jesus Name
    God is so good. I have been blessed by the ability to continue in my studies.  I have recently completed my Christian Marriage Diploma, which was extremely insightful for facing common troubles in the world today.
    This diploma works well with my most recent completion of "Small Group Ordination".
    Helping people expand and grow within their relationships with each other is my passion.  I am an encourager at heart, right to my soul.  Small groups are the way to allow to dive deeper, and reach higher towards the blessings God intends for us.